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Programs Available in the District

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The Saugus Union School District has quite a few programs integrating technology in the classroom.  These include the use of Open Source Software, a collaborative of free programs oriented toward education.  All of these programs are free and most can be downloaded from the Internet at home , or from the "apps" drive at school. Below is a list of programs and a little about each.


Open Office is the suite of office production programs that fill the need for document completion (Writer), presentation (Impress), spreadsheet (Calc), and paint (draw).  While all work very much like Microsoft Office they may not have the selection of clipart as in MS Office.  All documents can be saved as MS Office documents and can transfer back and forth between the two programs.


Tux Paint is the Open Source alternative to KidPix.  Easy to use and lots of stamps.  It does not have Moopies, but those are not really necessary to integration.


Tux Math is new this year and a great math skills practice program using game play.  The great thing is that it begins with Kindergarten and First Grade skills and progresses to addition and subtration of negative integers (6th and 7th grade skills).


Tux Type is also new this year.  From what I've seen, it's fun and good for early learning of letters and keyboarding.


Student Community This is an area where social networking can take place in a safe and monitored situation.  Students can share their writing or podcasts on the web, can comment on questions posted by teachers, comment on other student work, and really show their creativity.  All this is monitored by the classroom teacher.  The nice thing is that by sharing on the web, parents can read and listen to the creativity going on in the classroom.  To get started here, just email IT and ask for a password. 



Teacher Community This is the area where teachers can post homework, creat podcasts, and keep in touch with parents and other teachers.  A great place to blog and share ideas, ask questions, or comment on topics posted for discussion.  For some this may work as well as a newsletter, or in place of a website.


With the installation of the Dukane system all classrooms now have the access to broadcast, closed circuit TV across campuses.  These can be live broadcasts, or pre-recorded.  Whether it's Student Council speeches, special events, or Toastmasters, all students have the opportunity to view the broadcast.  Teachers also have the availability to play digitized media on demand on a variety of subjects.



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