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Saugus Union School District Grant

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EETT Grant 


Press Release

By Signal Staff

District garners $1.4M grant

Money for tech heading to Saugus


The Saugus Union School District will receive $1.4 million in funding from the Enhancing Education Through Technology Competitive Grant program, which is part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.


With funding from the grant, the district will provide a technology-rich writing achievement program for students in the fourth grade, entitled Student Writing Achievement Through Technology Enhanced Collaboration.


With a focus on writing within the science curriculum, the project will engage every fourth-grade student in the district by providing a sustainable, one-to-one computing environment, which will be used to advance writing skills, build science knowledge, increase student and teacher technology proficiency, engage students and teachers in 21st century collaborative environments, and promote student writing achievement.


Grant funds will also enable the acquisition of tools and resources necessary to implement the project, which include providing approximately 1,700 fourth-grade students with rugged, lightweight, wireless Ultra


Mobile Devices for use in the classroom; access to a Web-based, student-driven writing evaluation tool; and a collaborative learning environment with which students will engage in public posting and commenting, group projects, and multi-school peer editing and review.


Teachers will each receive training and equipment necessary to lead the class, including a laptop, projector, printer, digital interactive pad, mobile cart for the devices, and appropriate wireless hardware to support the devices.



Grant Information


Grant information can be found at:




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