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Web 20 Apps for the Classroom

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Recently there has been a huge growth in the number of Web 2.0 applications that can easily be integrated into the classroom, both for student use and for teacher use.  On this page I hope to list and explain how some of these applications can be used.  I will only be listing those that at the moment are free.  With the growth and expansion of Web 2.0 we never know when this will change.

Please check out the CUE 2009 Powerpoint with more Web 2.0 apps and descriptions on all of them.



I think this application is great for teachers to record and show instruction in specific skills, save the recorded instruction and upload to a website, wiki, blog, etc.  It's like having extra instruction support for students after they leave the classroom.  It would be great if the interactive whiteboards could save their recording in a small file like this (and maybe they will in the future), but for right now, this is a great work around.  This is on my applicaton that can be embedded favorites.

This site has been inactive recently and may not be accessible.



Now everyone can see your slide show.  You can upload a PowerPoint, or create the show on Slideshare.  Lots of opportunities to voiceover, enter music background, and creativity.  Also can be embedded.  One caveat here.  Make sure what is on the slideshow is not copyrighted material, unless it's your own. ;)



Another slide show application.  Similar to the above.


This is my new favorite app.  You can create word clouds.  Use this for students to create and enhance vocabulary words, descriptions.  In the analysis of a story students can use single words to discribe a character, setting, etc.



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